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How to Lose Belly Fat For 6 Pack Abs

11/30 9:14:00
If you are a man, I am almost sure that if given a choice, you will want to own a set of six pack abs. In every gym, you can see many guys crunching away hoping to lose their stomach fat so as to uncover their packs not knowing that they are going nowhere in their quest. Soon these guys will give up trying because they will not get results this way.

There is no secret to getting your abdominal muscles to show. Everyone, yes including you can develop a magnificent 6 pack. All you need is your determination and the right information.

The first thing that you must know is that no amount of crunches and sit-ups will get your abs muscle visible if you have a layer of tummy fat covering them up. Most people think that doing abdominal exercises will help them to get rid of their stomach fat. They erroneously think that they can crunch away their abdominal fat. Well, they can't!

All fitness experts and personal trainers will tell you that there is no such thing as spot reduction although new research are showing that there may be a possibility that spot reduction can happen. However, even if you can spot reduce the body fat burnt is so insignificant that is not even worth looking at because there are many more effective ways to lose body fat than your useless attempts at spot reduction.

What you should do to build your abs muscle and make them visible is to eat correctly and lift weights to build muscles all over your frame and at the same time losing body fat.

Eat foods with less sodium - Salty food contains sodium that causes water retention. With less water retention, you will be lighter without the extra water weight and will also looked leaner. Besides as a health concern, eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure.

Limit your sugar - Sugar causes insulin spikes and this make your body retain and store body fat. Also, do avoid high glycemic carbohydrates for the same reason. These are carbs like white breads, pastries, confectioneries, white rice and starches which are easier to digest and therfore get into your blood stream faster to raise your insulin level.

Don't skip meals - Never ever skip meals. This is because skipping meals puts your body into a famine mode. In that mode, your body will be retain more fat when you finally eat. In that state, your body will retain fat and use up your muscle for energy and you will be losing your precious muscle and that includes your abdominal muscles.

High Intensity Interval Training - This type of training is far superior to boring aerobic exercises for burning calories. Furthermore, you keep on burning calories even hours after you stop exercsing. Do a search for the many different versions of this exercise and once you are familiar with them, you can even create your own HIIT routine.

Weightlifting - If you want to build 6 pack abs, then you must do weightlifting. This is in order for you to build overall muscularity, not just your abs. The reason is that your body is programmed to grow more or less proportionately.

Furthermore, having more muscle will raise your metabolism higher causing you to burn more calories and to shed more tummy fat. Besides, weightlifting exercises by will also help you to burn more calories too.

Therefore if you want get your six pack abs to show up, you will have to lose body fat and build muscles. You don't need to do a million crunches to get there.
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