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Need To Lose Weight? Here Are 10 Tips To Lose Fat Quickly

11/30 9:13:48
Losing weight is generally not easy, especially in the stomach and lower belly (abdominal) areas - the very regions where most people accumulate fat. Losing stomach and lower belly fat is possible, however, and you may be surprised how quickly you can achieve your weight loss goals by utilizing the following 10 simple steps to weight loss.

1) Weigh yourself every day. As soon as you see 3 lbs maximum added onto your scale, take stock of what caused the weight gain and get back on track. Studies show that those who monitor their weight on a daily basis are far more successful in keeping the extra weight off for good.

2)Cut your TV watching to 2 hours a day, maximum. People who watch more TV consume more calories, especially sugary snacks, and are physically less active that their counterparts.

3) Seek support for your weight loss program. Join Weight Watchers or seek the support of a friend 3 times a week (who also may decide to join you in your weight loss program).

4) Eat more fiber in your diet, e.g. at least 4 grams with every meal. Fiber promotes weight loss because it fills you up; aids in faster digestion though the intestinal tract; and requires you to eat more slowly due to more chewing.

5) Start a walking program and work up to walking 2.5 miles a day (about 10,000 steps a day). Get an inexpensive pedometer and a friend who whose company you enjoy and one who shares your fitness goals.

6)Keep a daily journal of your calorie intake and your exercise log. People who closely and diligently monitor themselves tend to lose more weight and keep it off permanently.

7) Sleep 7-8 hours a night.Research shows lower levels of hormones that control appetite in those people who are chronically sleep deprived. A study at Columbia University Medical Center reported that women who slept 4 or less hours per night were 234% more likely to be obese. Feeling chronically tired can lead to over-eating and a greater consumption of sugar and processed foods in an effort to stay awake.

8) Drink 8 glasses of water per day. Water speeds the body's metabolism. It also rids our bodies of toxins that can make us sick and exhausted, too tired to exercise or prepare healthy meals.

9) Cut back on working overtime at the office. When you're exhausted from working long hours, that usually results in a lack of exercise and a good diet. High levels of stress can also result in hormonal changes, like cortisol, who seems to be the culprit for fat accumulating around our waists and lower bellies.

10) Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption. These foods high on the glycemic index causes the body to store sugar as fat, which consequently results in low blood sugar, triggering the hunger sensation. It's a vicious cycle. Instead of filling up on sugary products and refined foods, eat more whole grains, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta. Also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Let these easy changes become your new habits and you'll look and feel better and keep the fat off of your body permanently.
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