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Stability Ball Exercises to Help You Lose Belly Fat

11/30 9:13:47
Diets that ask you to consume very low calories are not a healthy way for you to lose belly fat. Certainly, you'll get thin but you'll also become sluggish and at the risk of munching nonstop the moment you can no longer take your hunger pangs. Trimming your waist doesn't come easy no matter how promising some diets look.

Working out is essential to getting the inward curving waist that you want. Indeed, it will take time but at least you won't be risking your health. With a stability ball, you can try out these workouts that'll help you lose belly fat:

With the back extension workout, you will have to slightly bend your knees while lying over the ball, which has to be placed right under your hips and lower torso. Once you've balanced yourself in the first position, place your hands behind your head. Then, roll the ball slowly while lifting your chest upwards, off the ball. Make sure your back is straight the moment that most of your torso is off the ball. Continue the exercise for at least 12 repetitions.

With the swimmer exercise, you'll also need two three-pound dumbbells for each of your hand, apart from a stability ball. Now, to begin, you'll have to be holding the dumbbells in each of your hands and then be seated on the ball. Spread your legs at a width parallel to your hips and lift your heels. With your arms raised at shoulder level, bend forward. Then, pull your arms backward to reach behind you. Do these three times before moving the ball back and straightening your legs and heels. Then, bend over to reach your ankles with your arms still holding the dumbbells. Repeat the entire routine for at least 15 times.

With the alternating push-up, you'll have to position yourself in the standard push-up position. Only, this time, while your left hand is on the floor, your right hand has to touch the top of a stability ball. When pushing down, you'll have to alternate which hand is on the floor with what hand is on the ball. This means your left hand will have to reach to touch the ball while your right hand goes down to touch the floor.

If you have a problem balancing your body and coordinating simultaneous body movements, you'll find this exercise quite difficult. But if you don't have this problem, you'll do well with this exercise, which you have to repeat within the span of at least 30 seconds.

The stability ball is just one of the tools you can use for trimming your waist. Apart from helping you get rid of your waist's extra inches, it also helps you see exercise as a fun activity with the many things you can do with it. You'll almost always be faced with the challenge of balancing your entire body with a stability ball, so you're sure to get to fulfill two things with it-- lose belly fat and learn how to balance your body weight.
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